Administration and Management

Do they really swap or interwoven?
Are there points where fusion can help?
Sometimes they run parallel because each has to achieve its desired goals to accomplish a mandate.

There is a long, long way from profession to practice. Then to meet-up with the challenges and reflexes of our professional calling is a pride. This gives joy and satisfaction especially in business and associated professions. The careers are namely-Banking and Finance, Marketing and Insurance, Accountancy, Business Management and finally the Business executives. Even Economists have a share in what challenges the other professions and many students of research.

Manual of Business References:

Is not a guide but an aid of intimate assistance for “think and remember quick” these business summary acronyms. For that staunch style of professionalism that gives you the ease of pointing to business articles with certainty. This drill shall begin with definitions of “Administration and Management. This is just in a brief form to enhance a classic start. Delving into the arts and pressures that deal with the dept of business climes come later.

Administration briefly defined:

Administration is the activities of a higher body of managers or group whose function is to determine objectives. They also determine the aims and policies. This is true of bigger entities like the Government departments and very large concerns and organizations. This is the point where a framework is formed and issues towards the entire entity discussed, analysed, tested. They are issued out as instructions to the management level for implantation.

Management briefly defined:

Management entails the break-down of the objectives-aims-and-policies as determined by the Administration. Then applying them effectively and economically at departmental levels to ensure smooth running and realisation of enterprise goals and target. Therefore, management is an important process which ensures that decisions and framework as detailed are applied effectively. Management ensures care and to the need, seeing that profit engineering is maximised to better the firm.


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